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High Summer 24

Tasked with capturing the essence of Asceno's High Summer collection, the primary objective is to create visually compelling content that is deeply rooted in storytelling. This will be set against the dramatic backdrop of the beach and various supporting locations.

The beach served as the focal point of the production, offering a natural seascape that formed the core of the content. Supplementary locations, including the surrounding dunes, were chosen for their unique visual appeal.

The objective is to drive traffic to both the website and social channels through a hero film and a supporting series of dynamic 8-10 second short films. These short films will showcase key looks from the collection, designed to captivate and engage consumers. The hero film will serve as the core deliverable, encompassing the overarching narrative and highlighting the essence of the high summer collection.

In summary, this shoot presented an exciting opportunity to capture the essence of the High Summer collection through compelling storytelling and visually captivating imagery. Focusing on the beach and its surroundings, we created a series of films and still images that resonated with Asceno's audience and encapsulated the spirit of the collection.

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