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Brand Identity

Feeling lost in this over-saturated market? With 30+ years of combined experience, our culturally minded team can build a plan for your brand that helps you and your consumers understand who you are. By creating a 12-month strategy, we will define your core values and brand ethos, mapping out a delivery that will support your brand growth and help you reach your desired target audience.

Who We Are

Social Strategy

Are you a new brand just at the start of your exciting journey? Or an established brand in need of a digital shop-front makeover? We can offer a best-in-class creative social media management strategy that will set you up for success and boost engagement with new and existing audiences and soon-to-be-brand advocates.

Campaign Strategy

As a team, we’re able to embed ourselves into your brand and gain a full understanding of its messaging and ethos. We consider ourselves to be idea generators, and we’ll work with you in creating creative campaigns that will excite consumers, building brand awareness while cutting through the social noise.

Social Media Management

Stretched for time and need that added support? We can offer a range of social media management options, depending on your followership. Using social media scheduling tools, we will have someone working on your account and engaging with your audience.

Paid Media

We’re experts at using strategic advertising to directly target the social feeds of the audiences our clients are aiming to reach. We’re here to support your organic social posts by implementing a paid media strategy that will help to support a new collection drop or campaign.


Social and creative come hand-in-hand. 

Aligning with our client's vision and overall marketing strategy, we can create monthly or seasonal bundles of content utilising our wide network of photographers, content creators and filmmakers.

Our nimble team has their finger on the pulse of digital and fashion-led trends, ensuring that your brand gets the personal touch, reaching and engaging with new and existing audiences on a global or local scale.

Digital Creation & Strategy

At SOW Digital we offer a full and flexible social media service. From strategy, campaigns, marketing incentives, social media management, paid media and creative, we will cater to your specific needs and budget capabilities.

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